A day I won’t forget

Well this is our 5th week in school and i think i’m going to fail my drawing and perspective my god. HAHAH. I look at my drawing, i look at the original picture, i look at my drawing again, i literally laughed at my own drawing. That just shown how much bad is my drawing right :> hehe. This week we actually went to Michael Hotel, A hotel at sentosa. It all started with Rayne having the free booking thing which i have no idea how she got it. Almost the whole class went for it, except for Jovan, Victor and Ramie (Even though we met him at vivo). It was a really fun day, like bonding with classmates, playing truth or dare, doing things typical people will do in stayovers. THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP IS … everything. Every little part of it is the best. Because of this we understood each other better now and also the midnight walk is really really nice as it was a really rare opportunity for me as my mum don’t really allow me to go out that late at night. The beauty of the night were all there for us to spectate, I forgot whether we saw stars but it was really nice to walk with friends and stuff. Probably my best day with T11 okay 😀


4 weeks in school

1 Word can explain my current 4 weeks of school: Awesome. I’m really proud and happy to have such friends. I never expected myself to meet some friends that i actually will be close to, you see, i’m actually quite anti-social. I thought i would still be super close with my secondary school friend and ignore my polytechnic friends. But nah i was wrong. We became really close after a few skype calls and it became a daily thing, like we skype every night now and then. (mostly to just talk bullshits HAHA) Okay, on the BCR day, we all went to plaza sing to meet up and do it together (no rules to say we can’t right hehe). Unexpectedly, it was really easy and done in like 10 to 15minutes? Because it’s just 7 questions. After that we went to play pool, to whoever who is reading this, don’t judge me okay, i love playing pool. We also went to watch godzilla which is like some shit ass dinosaur walking around fighting. To be honest, it was boring HAHAHA. It was a really fun day and also a really memorable day since that day actually bonded us even more (for the people who went).


This is already week 4 and i’m loving this school and class so much. But still this week was a busy week, with all the assignments rushing into me. I believe my classmates agree right HAHAHA. Mostly because of erwin’s assignment i guess. Drawing robert downey jr is a pain in the ass. YOU GUYS AGREE RIGHT T11.  Doing this assignment just made me want to tear the paper in half. I gave up halfway and went to pool with my secondary school friends. We placed a bet about macdonalds. I WAS SO CLOSE TO LOSING BUT NOPE HEHEHHE. I have always suck in playing pool but still i’m excited for the next time we play pool again. WELL, BACK TO THE ROBERT DOWNEY JR SHIT. I pretty well gave up on it and just did it randomly. but still im hoping to get at least a 3.5 GPA. Guess i’m having false hopes HAHAHA looks like it is impossible for me with my current drawings. I will continue to try hard okay. GPA 4.0 HUAT.

Friend’s Birthday

Well, this is my 2nd post and i’a just going to keep it short.On monday, me and Xing Jian was supposed to have basketball trials which was supposed to start 7pm. But 20minutes before that, someone passed the ball to Xing Jian and hit his spectacles, causing the lense to drop, resulting in us not going to the trial. Aww.  The 6th of may, Tuesday, was my friend birthday ( I remembered it on the day itself ) HAHAHA. So my friend and i didn’t manage to buy any gifts for him. As for my other friends, they bought him a 1000 piece puzzle. He took it out and we played it together 😀 IT TOOK LONGER THAN EXPECTED THOUGH. Then we went home with a sense of accomplishment, FINISHING A 1000 PIECE PUZZLE IN A NIGHT.

The missing tickets

On First of May, Thursday, The Amazing Spiderman 2 came out in Cinemas and since it was Labour Day, my friends and I decided to go watch it. We first queue up in the afternoon to buy the tickets and bought tickets for the Midnight movie. After that we decided to kill time and go to eat dinner and play pool at Bukit Timah Plaza. We had delicious hotdogs at The Platypus Family Kitchen and spent a couple hours playing pool.  At around 10, we  decided to head home and wash up before meeting up again at 12pm. As we were queuing to buy popcorn and drinks, my friend Gordon, started to ask where the tickets were, after checking all our pockets and wallets, we realised none of us had the tickets, we decided that there was nothing we could do, so we went home, as we got on the lift to exit Lot 1, Gordon suggested to try to explain to the Cinema staff and  ask if we could get replacement tickets. Luckily for us, the counter clerk recognized us and wrote us new tickets on blank cards. We thanked them profusely and rushed into the Cinema just before the movie started. The movie was amazing, though I felt certain aspects could have been improved. After the movie ended, we walked home happily.